Be Responsible With Fire

Four out of every 10 fall wildfires in Logan County is caused by careless burning of trash, debris and other waste. It’s safer not to burn trash at all, but if you must burn, remember the following:

  • Burn only small, manageable amounts of material at a time
  • Don’t burn when the weather is dry and windy
  • Keep at least 10 feet of bare ground around your burn barrel in all directions
  • Don’t burn with dry vegetation downwind, including crop stubble

If your fire gets away from you, call 9-1-1 immediately! Wildfires grow rapidly and can quickly become a threat to life and property. The sooner your fire department gets there, the smaller the fire will be.

Click here for more info about safe burning from Smokey Bear.

Click here for more info about Ohio’s open burning laws … contact your fire department for info on any local ordinances in your city, village or township.

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Are You in a Hot Spot?

Logan County fall wildfires 2003-2016

Labor Day represents the beginning of fall wildfire season in Logan County, running from September through November. This map shows where fall wildland fires have occurred from 2003-2016 (red = more, green = less). Are you in a “hot spot?” Vegetation is still pretty green right now, but will be cured and ready to burn in no time. Be safe with fire, and spread the word to your neighbors!

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